Kinetic Flow Method is a multifaceted movement approach that uplifts beings to connect the body to mind in order to achieve a state of present energy around moving more purposefully for their needs in the moment.  


Empower individuals to become proactive instead of reactive in their self-care needs with the ability to advocate and make decisions based on what they are feeling in the present moment.


To empower individuals with the self – awareness & self- care skills through a multi-faceted movement framework that allows them to move more purposely through different transitional stages of their life no matter the circumstance.


This framework is built off skills that create better self-awareness by using our breath & mindfulness. Your BREATH is the highway to improving the mind/body connection and assists us in becoming more intentional with our movements. Bringing awareness to your breath and how you move assists in injury prevention and the ability to adjust your body or environment on the fly during a workout. Awareness also gives you the ability to make better decisions on what type of movement you choose for your workout or self-care practice. 

With awareness and breath as the foundation, Kinetic Flow Method incorporates various types of movement such as Mindful Movement, Functional Movement, & Fun Movement to assist in training our bodies under the various mobility conditions that we face during our daily lives. The type of movement will change depending on what our mind/body awareness is in need of that particular day. 

Kinetic Flow Method can teach you the skills necessary to build your mind/body connection and provide a sustainable framework for movement as a self-care practice.  It will empower you with the ability to Re-Define Movement for YOUR Body Right Now!
"Your workout was excellent! And I also admired how you "balanced" talking to use in the studio as well as to those your were streaming!!! I can feel the parts of my body that I have not paid attention to for awhile. Looking forward to the next class!"

— Client Review
"Thank you Danielle!! Thank you for the mods and the corrections when I need it! I highly value that! I'm learning the mods and using them when I need them! I'm going to try to get to as many of your classes as I can!"

— Client Review
"I really enjoy your classes & I look forward to them & to seeing you! I'm so happy that you are now teaching & I plan to attend all your classes when possible! I do have some tight hip issues and poor balance that maybe you can help me with. I like the fact that you are a DPT as you can give great tips on modifications etc."

— Client Review


Build a skillset that when implemented consistently will help to prevent injury, make healthy lifestyle & behavior choices, and continue to participate and move freely with activities they enjoy and love.

Stay committed to learning new skills to help adapt your workout for your body. Kinetic Flow Method is currently working on bringing a 90 Day movement & membership program designed to do just that!

Some Highlights to Look Forward To!

🔻Live stream low impact & full body self-care workouts.
🔻E-Guide Resources for Personalized Workouts & Self-Care.
🔻Access to Private Group Accountability Community.
🔻On demand classes anytime! (
🔻Monthly Newsletter with discussion about modifications, self-care, posture, proactive health/wellness tips, & stay updated on upcoming KFM events!



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