How Women Can Train Smarter with Their Biophysiological Clock.

Research supports estrogen is vital to women’s health and new developments determined it to be a key factor in muscle health especially in women over 40. 

🧘🏻Just as the Hippocratic Oath States, the first principle of yoga is ahimsa, which translates to NONHARM. This photo is from 2013 when I stood with my medical professional peers stating the Hippocratic Oath.


🎓As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I understand the individual determines what postures and alignment works best for their body. To avoid injury, it is important to keep in mind when it is best to adapt/modify your practice based on your needs and health condition. 


📃Research has proven yoga to safer than many forms of exercise because it emphasizes slower transitions, mindfulness, and low-impact on our joints. 


👉🏻Here are some generalized guidelines to follow whether you are new to yoga or advancing your practice:


1. There is No Perfect Posture: Poses look different on everyone because we all have different shaped bones and body types. Modify and adapt poses to you, not to what it looks like when someone else is doing it. 


2. Let Pain Be Your Guide: If a pose causes sharp/shooting pain, or pain increases as you go, STOP & Listen. This is an indicator you should modify.


3. Avoid Nerve Aggravation: if you experience numbness or tingling in any limb while holding a posture that is an indicator to change positions due to increased pressure on a nerve. 


4. Allow for Recovery: If you are recovering from sprains, strains, fractures, with a large wound, or post-op, inquire with your surgeon for guidance on resuming regular practice. 


5. Ask a Health Professional for Guidance: don’t let your diagnosis determine your capabilities. There are always safe ways to work around specific health conditions. If you have concerns about what is safe and unsure what to avoid, we can help!


✨The are special considerations for other health conditions such as: Osteoporosis, High/Low blood pressure, Heart Conditions, Degenerative Disc Disease, Disk Herniation, Joint Replacement, Pregnancy, Acid Reflux, Eye Conditions, Diabetes, Carpal Tunnel or Wrist Injury.


🔺With any of these conditions YOU CAN continue with a yoga practice with guidance. Feel free to reach out to me to help you navigate your needs and proceed with Ahimsa!

With Love, Danielle

👩🏼‍⚕️Do your doctors discuss lifestyle changes & mindset at your check ups?


☝️Most healthcare systems approach our treatment based on a disease-based model where the primary aim is to manage symptoms and fix the parts/pieces that injured or not well.


⁉️As lifestyle based chronic diseases continue to rise I’m here to tell you there is another way⁉️


⚡️Kinetic Flow Method emphasizes the medical approach of SALUTOGENESIS incorporating the lifestyle changes and mindset shifts that are cultivated from yoga and other various physical therapy techniques to bring better awareness, move past illness/injury, and focus to cultivate human flourishing! 


🤯Our bodies are not just a bunch of systems working independently of each other, so why continue to treat our health in the same approach.


🤔It’s time to examine the individual as a whole. 
With Love, Danielle.

When was the last time you looked at your tongue in the mirror? 

In Ancient Ayurvedic Medicine, Practitioners use a tongue evaluation to assess the state of a person’s overall health. 

Your tongue is the very beginning of your digestive tract  & provides a quick surface map of your body. Examining and cleaning it daily may help to identify imbalances in your digestion or  within other organs of our body. 

Use this quick assessment guide to examine your Tongue:

  1. Color (Immunity/Energy) Pinkish=Healthy
  2. Coating (Undigested matter) Very Little=Healthy
  3. Texture (Vitality) Visible Buds=Healthy
  4. Shape (Life, Philosophy) Oval=Healthy
  5. Alignment (Balance in life) Centrally Aligned=Healthy

I have incorporated using a tongue scraping every morning in order to maintain my own digestive health and assess my own wellness. 

Tongue Scraping is highly effective & beneficial for:

🌀bad breath

🌀eliminating toxins

🌀increases immunity

🌀enhances your taste palate

🌀promotes elimination

Check out out Ayurveda Tongue Map and diagnosis to further explore your own bodies needs. 

With Love, Danielle


There are a lot of hydration alternatives out there right now, but most are full of added sugars and yucky preservatives. The trick is simple. Stick to a nice plain glass of water!

I created this free info graphic guide as a resource to educate the benefits of hydration, symptoms that indicate you need to drink more, ways to calculate your personal hydration needs, & other helpful tips to make drinking water more exciting. Check out the free guide via google docs below!



This E-Guide & Injury Management Resource was created for individuals who are experiencing wrist discomfort with planks, push-ups, downward facing dog, upward facing gog, etc. When there is an imbalance between strength/flexibility present within the wrist complex or its surrounding support structures is when pain presents ESPECIALLY with weight bearing exercises.

This Guide Will Include:

🔺Visual instruction on how to distribute weight through your hands.
🔺Self-assessment & exploration guidance to determine your self-care needs.
🔺Tips for ways to modify in the moment during your workout.
🔺Exercises/Videos For Improved Wrist Flexibility & Strength.
🔺Exercises/Videos for Improved Posture.
🔺Exercises for Improved Breathing.


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