75 Min Evaluation | 60 Min Follow-Up

  • Initial Evaluation & Treatment - $157.

  • Follow-up Treatment /Visit - $130.
*Wellness package and dry needling rates available upon request. 

Dr. Danielle values her one-on-one time with her patients, as should you.  Kinetic Flow Method, LLC is a fee-for-service provider and does not participate with insurance.  Upon request, formal documentation for services provided and receipt for payment can be provided so that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
Direct access allows for patients to receive physical therapy without a doctor's prescription for 30 days before consultation is required.  After 30 days, Dr. Danielle will contact your desired physician for continued care if needed.  *Please note - Functional dry needling requires a physician referral, therefore if a patient desires this treatment it is his/her responsibility to obtain written referral. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how working with Kinetic Flow Method is Different From Standard Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care. View our FAQ for further insight on what to expect, what we do, and how out patient care approach differentiates from the rest. 
  • What does an Initial Examination & Treatment visit consist of?
  • What is Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy, & Dry Needling?
  • How do you except payment?


2 Hours Max

Looking to host a mindful movement class or educational workshop for your business?  Educate yourself on the latest proactive health practices, or improve your mindset. Online or In-Person workshops include can include:

*Screen if your body is physically ready to participate Running or HIIT style workouts. 

*Posture & Core Re-education

*Sync nutritional & fitness choices with your menstrual cycle.

*Utilize a variety of mindfulness practices to build self-awareness around the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of your overall well-being. 

 *Contact to inquire about pricing. Customized Workshops Available at Inquiry


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