Movement is not a one way fits all body approach. The way we move is a unique signature to who we are. 

Learn new skills to re-define movement for your needs right now. Create better awareness to guide your daily self-care practice choices.


To provide a skillset that when implemented consistently will help to prevent injury, make healthy lifestyle/behavior choices, and continue to participate to move freely through different transitional stages of your life no matter the circumstance. 

Let's redefine movement for your body RIGHT NOW!

I'm here to support you <3

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"Dr. D created a fitness program for me with exercises I could do while in a boot (non weight-bearing), including many options for core strengthening. The plan was balanced so that I could continue exercising with out aggravating my surgical foot while recovering. If I felt up for it, I could get down on the floor and do some more serious strengthening activities. The plan that Dr. Wagamon created for me came via email and text, so I could pull it up on my phone and iPad whenever I needed."

— Jenna C.Sonoma, CA
" I hesitate to write this review because I would like to keep Dr. Danielle all to myself...BUT that wouldn't be very nice of me to do when she could help so many people. 

She is extremely good at helping people find relief from their areas of tension, and then she retrains the muscles to prevent them from going right back into spasm. In fact, She is so good that I told her she is basically a magician in my eyes.

I started seeing her for a particular issue  with my back. She helped me resolve that before it progressed to something irreparable. Then, I had such a good experience that I choose to continue seeing her for my carpal tunnel. 

I cannot recommend her services enough to anyone within driving distance of Lewes. Five stars from me!

- Kelly S, Milford DE

Dr. Danielle Wagamon helped my back feel so much better after this pregnancy than it did after my first! Thank you so much for guiding me through exercises to strengthen and stabilize. After having my first baby, I had no idea how to move through the healing process. I ended up suffering through a lot of pain with back spasms. After baby number two, I reached out to her for guidance. Since starting your plan, I feel stronger, significantly more stable, and I’m pain free. I haven’t had any spasming or debilitating lower back issues. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She is excellent at what she does!

— Rachel A,  Washington DC Area

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Full Body Alignment is useful to empower individuals in becoming proactive instead of reactive in their daily choices by building aligned awareness around their care needs. This will allow for the ability to advocate and make better decisions based on what you are feeling in the present moment. 

Implement a well rounded skillset that incorporates a multifaceted self care approach with this 50 min Full Body Alignment Practice by Dr. Danielle, DPT.

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